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How to eliminate complexity in decision making

For more and more people in our digital era, making decisions is a key responsibility. In my career as a business coach and advisor during the last twenty years, I have seen highly engaged C-level executives, directors and managers who even assumed it was their duty...

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The hidden treasure in your organization

The most intriguing meetings in organizations are cross functional meetings. They mostly start with some friendly chit-chat where everybody is in their own comfort zone and everybody thinks the work related issues from the other functions are really only their issues....

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Build for serious growth

More and more the executive committee saw that their people could not work much harder to respond to the market opportunities. So in order to grow tomorrow, everybody in the organization should work smarter they said. Much smarter because their aim was to grow next...

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

For months the gathering of the top 200 had been carefully planned and prepared. The location was inspiring, the latest trending business author was invited and the agenda was packed. The topic was all about shifting mentality. The organization was part of the status...

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